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Wine List

White Wines

White Wines

  • Messer Del Fauno Grillo (ITA)

    Glass €6.50 Bottle €24.00

    Wonderfully complex aromas of fresh fruit and delicate green herbs lead into a satisfying palate of ripe peach with some pear and apple flavours touch.

  • Urmeneta Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

    Glass €7.00 Bottle €25.50

    A fresh aromatic with soft herbaceous tones. Delicate pineapple and kiwi flavour with hints of green pepper and baked lemons. Crisp acidity gives it a refreshing and lingering finish.

  • Babington Brook Chardonnay (AUS)

    Glass €7.00 Bottle €25.50

    A perfumed nose of citric and floral character, white peach, grapefruit and melon on the palate with tropical fruit hints. A simple yet elegant chardonnay showing the true flavour of it!

  • Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie (ITA)

    Glass €8.00 Bottle €28.50

    Fresh and lively on the nose with perfumes of pear, apple and melon with subtle hints of almonds. On the palate it is full and rounded with an attractive lingering aftertaste… a real ladies choice!

  • Sauvignon Blanc De Touraine – Loire (FRA)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €29.95

    As good as Sancerre but not at Sancerre’s price! Wonderfully ripe citric fruits with fresh green herbs nuance lingering in the background, this wine is crisp and refreshing with a long dry finish, it fills the senses!

  • Vinha Do Morte – Esporao (PT)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €29.95

    A revelation! An exotic nose of stewed peaches and apricot jam leads into a palate of fresh stone fruits with subtle oriental spices in the background. Medium bodied, complex with an excellent finish

  • Muscadet La Griffe (FR)

    Glass €8.50 Bottle €32.00

    The nose exhibits citrus characters which give way to more dominant tropical fruit characters, passion fruit and mango. On the palate the tropical flavour is stronger still with pineapple & pear, crisp acidity finish

  • 3 Woolly Sheep Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)

    Glass €9.00 Bottle €34.00

    Gentle and refreshing with lemon and gooseberry character and smooth minerality, light and subtle. This wine is perfect with any seafood, chicken and light meat dishes.

  • Pulpo Albarino, Rias Baixas (ESP)

    Glass €9.50 Bottle €36.00

    Intense aromas, perfectly drawing together fruity and flowery tinges, apple & stone fruits (apricot). In the mouth, the freshness and sweet hints of albarino are noted, with a perfectly balanced acidity.

  • MéMénage A Trois Chardonnay (CA)nage A Trois Chardonnay (CA)

    Glass €9.50 Bottle €36.00

    Fresh ripe honeyed nose with peaches. Silky soft fruit on the palate, melons and baked lemons with some subtle creamy and vanilla notes, very expressive and engaging.

  • Gruner Veltliner Sepp Moser (AT)

    Glass €9.50 Bottle €36.00

    Creamy peaches and honey suckle spiciness on the nose really come through on the palate with a fresh citric character to make this unusual wine very moreish!

  • Riesling Trocken Pauly – Mosel (DE)

    Glass N/A Bottle €39.50

    Very clean flavours full of fruit and minerality, refreshing, satisfying and complex, this wine oozes baked lemons, stone fruit and zingy lime on the long finish. A truly stunning wine from one of the best grape varieties…. Riesling!

  • Chablis Domaine Le Verger Burgandy (FRA)

    Glass €10.00 Bottle €39.50

    Very clean mineral and fresh acidity harmonise with the opulent ripe citric and apple fruit on the palate. Wonderfully balanced, it makes this wine unforgettable, probably one of the most famous chardonnay in the world… excellent with seafood dishes!

  • Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough (NZ)

    Glass N/A Bottle €44.00

    One of the flagships wines of New Zealand. The nose exhibits initial citrus character which then give way to more seductive tropical fruits, passion fruit and mango. On the palate the tropical flavour is more pronounced but beautifully balanced with hints of green pepper and mineral notes, crisp acidity and a lengthy finish.

  • Sancerre Domaine La Guibert – Loire (FRA)

    Glass N/A Bottle €46.00

    The quintessential Sancerre, an intense nose of lemon and rind and freshly torn leafy green herbs invite you into the glass to savour the balance the citric and green apple fruit character and the elegant mineral quality, the finish is long and refreshing and leaves you wanting more and more!!!

  • Prosecco Superiore Santa Margherita (ITA)

    Glass €8.00 Bottle €39.50

  • Roederer Brut Champagne (FRA

    Glass N/A Bottle €99.5

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Red Wines

Red Wines

  • Zagalia Montepulciano D’Abruzzo (ITA)

    Glass €6.50 Bottle €24.00

    Very attractive showing ripe dark cherries with hints of plums and dried Provencal herbs, a clean and satisfying fruit finish.

  • Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

    Glass €7.00 Bottle €24.00

    Deep, intense ruby red colour, with ripe dark berry fruits, hints of coffee, toasted almonds and liquorice on the nose. On the palate this wine is robust with rich ripe dark fruits and velvety texture

  • De Martino Estate Merlot (Chile)

    Glass €78.00 Bottle €28.50

    Excellent expression of this famous district, intense aromas with hint of blackberries, ripe plums and vanilla. On the palate the wine is complex with smooth tannins and a velvety finish.

  • Stonewalker Shiraz (S.AF)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €28.95

    A full bodied wine with expressive aromas of dried fruits and peppery spice of oak vanilla accompanied with smooth black fruit flavours and mocha spices, elegant if enjoyed with fillet and venison.

  • Alpha Zeta -V- Valpollicella (Italy)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €29.50

    Nice depth of youthful colour, with perfumes of fresh black cherries. On the palate the wine is soft, ripe and rounded with an attractive freshness which lifts the cherry compote flavours and accentuates its aroma.

  • Familia Pacheco Organic, Jumilla (ESP)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €29.50

    Elegant balance between power and finesse help to showcase what Jumilla has to offer. Smooth dark berry fruit tart with some smoky spiciness & mineral hints give this wine quality character finish.

  • Burdiso Chainti Reserva (ITA)

    Glass €7.00 Bottle €24.00

    A perfect example of a classic, an intense fruit palate balanced with medium acidity and firm tannins. The fruit character of ripe cherries woody spices bitter chocolate and vanilla hints, some rounded soft fruit on the finish, excellent balance and finish.

  • Cotes Du Rhone Saint Esprit (FRA)

    Glass €8.25 Bottle €29.95

    Supple and silky with delicious blackberries, mocha spices and mineral notes that ripple through the fleshy finish nice to enjoy with red meats.

  • Monte Velho Tinto – Esporao (PT)

    Glass €8.50 Bottle €31.95

    Elegant balance between power and finesse help to show case what Portugal has to offer. Smooth dark berry fruit tart with some smoky spiciness and uplifting mineral hint give this wine quality, character long finish.

  • Alisia Pinot Noir Fruili (ITA)

    Glass €8.50 Bottle €31.95

    Beautifully scented with floral hints and more pronounced red berry and blackcurrant leaf aromas. Delicious summer berry fruit with subtle herbal notes!!

  • Condado Crianza Ribero Del Duero (ESP)

    Glass €9.50 Bottle €36.00

    This wine has red berry and plum aromas with some fine toasty nuances, well structured, very smooth and seductive on the plate with rich cherry and plum fruits.

  • Catena Malbec – Medoza (ARG

    Glass €9.75 Bottle €39.50

    A full bodied Malbec with big blackcurrant and vanilla flavours, some earthy acidity make this a versatile wine. Very popular and always a big hit.

  • Valpolicella Ripasso Cortegiara (ITA)

    Glass €9.75 Bottle €39.50

    The little brother of amarone with a complex nose of ripe baked berries, soft fruit and Mediterranean herbal notes you can expect a complex wine, this does not disappoint!!! A well balanced structure.

  • Conde De Valdemar Reserva Rioja (ESP)

    Glass €9.75 Bottle €39.50

    Classic rioja with a refined complex palate, dark cherries and fresh bramble fruit with some strawberry and vanilla notes, smoky barbeque spiciness, medium to full bodied, always memorable!

  • Chateau Neuf Du Pape Chat De Vaudieu (FRA)

    Glass N/A Bottle €59.50

    Beautifully luscious, rounded palate of plums damsons and blackberries with cider and peppery spices. The fruit and spice last through a very long finish. A stunning wine from one of the best producers in the region!

  • Barolo Ricossa Piemonte (ITA)

    Glass N/A Bottle €59.50

    One of the best wines from Italy. This wine is brimming with finesse and complexity. The fragrance of violets and cherry fruits amalgamates with subtle spicy aromas. The palate is dry, intense and complex with each sip… a revelation but velvety smooth and well balanced.

  • Amarone Alpha Zeta Veneto (ITA)

    Glass N/A Bottle €65.50

    This wine is rich with an attractive perfume aromas of ripe black cherry, plum and hints of fruit, full bodied, with cherry, vanilla and coffee flavours, well balanced and a long lasting finish.

  • Gaudium (ESP)

    Glass N/A Bottle €95.00

    Rich and intense bouquet with notes of morello cherries, tobacco and violets with balsamic sensations in the background. Refined and balanced in the mouth where ripe fruit comes through with full freshness.

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Rosé Wines

Rosé Wines

  • Marques De Caceres Rose’ (ESP)

    Glass €8.50 Bottle €32.00

    Soft and fresh summer berry fruit with some warm spice hints, this is what rose’ should be, a simple pleasure!!!

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  • Prosecco Superiore Santa Margherita – Lunetta Veneto (Italy)

    Glass €8.00 Bottle €39.50

    Fresh nose with plenty of fruity aromas, with hints of ripe apple and peach. Vibrant and dynamic on the palate, richly satisfying. Delightful as an aperitif.

  • Champagne Taittinger Brut Réserve – Champagne (France)

    Bottle €87.50

    One of the Grande Marque Champagne Houses, Taittinger consistently produces some of the finest Champagnes available – full-bodied with plenty of fruit matched by soft balancing acidity.

  • Roederer Brut – Champagne (France)

    Bottle €99.50

    From the outset, Brut Premier affirms its personality and seduction: the texture is full and generous and, in a fairly unexpected way, integrates characteristics of maturity associated with fruitier and more refreshing notes. The wine has a fresh festive finesse. In the mouth, the wine has structure, richness and length.

  • Roederer Rose – Champagne (France)

    Bottle €99.50

    A wine to be tasted with all 5 senses! Intense explosive bewitching aromas of flowers and fresh fruit completed with toasted, caramel notes. The pinot noir emerges in all its creamy, full flavoured richness. It caresses and literally enfolds the full vivacity and rich structure of the grape variety without ever constricting or dominating. The bubble is light and airy.

  • Roederer Cristal – Champagne (France)

    Bottle €295.00

    An intense delicate wine that reveals a precise, pure combination of sugared flowers, cocoas, finely toasted hazelnuts and candied citrus fruits. The texture is infinitely silky, concentrated and flavoursome with an explosion of ripe fruit, red fruit, white chocolate, caramel and viennoiserie typical of Cristal. It is a powerful and elegant wine with a crescendo of sensations that attains a true harmony of flavours and perfect integration. The end is fresh with a fine bitterness which almost lends the wine “crispness”.

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